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get money up front to

License your existing YouTube videos and get upfront capital to fund the projects you’ve been dreaming about. 
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You’re just a few clicks away from seeing what your past YouTube videos are worth. Jellysmack will offer a lump-sum payment to license qualifying YouTube back-catalogs for up to 5 years. Even better, the videos stay on your channel and you maintain ownership.

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Cash in on your content

Your past videos can fund your future success

Benefits for creators :

Get a lump sum of capital at once

No need to wait for YouTube earnings to slowly accumulate

Remain fully independent

Receive funds that are not a loan

Maintain full rights to new uploaded videos

Your videos will always stay on your channel

How it works

Jellysmack uses in-house AI technology to analyze your YouTube library and generate cash offers for your videos


Once access is granted, Jellysmack’s A.I. thoroughly analyzes your YouTube library and channel performances


Our advanced algorithms estimate future earnings for every single one of your videos, up to 5 years in the future, and calculate a catalog value


Qualified applicants will receive a financial offer for Jellysmack to license select videos from their catalog and assume monetization rights for a period of time

What can I do with the money

These funds can be used however you want! Most creators use them to fuel their entrepreneurial spirit and take their business to the next level.

Hire a team

Secure studio space

Buy that equipment you need

Finally launch your own product

Invest in something you believe in

Take a well deserved vacation

Ready to get a

customized offer?

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Everything you need to know about Jellysmack

Jellysmack is the global creator company on
a mission to unlock each creator’s full potential.

We love creators because we are creators! We’ve built and scaled dozens of original social media channels.

Rooted in unmatched AI technology

Partnered with 500+ of the most influential creators

Our managed content averages 10B monthly views

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How does it work

Your videos may be worth a lot of money

Videos bought
$ 24,8 M
Videos bought
Videos bought
$ 24,8 M


Sign-up with Youtube

We'll go through your channel data (read-only access, we're just passing by), and calculate a bunch of complicated formulas, to identify videos we'd be interested in buying


Get an estimation

If there are matches, we'll tell you about the videos we'd love to buy, and will give you a quote. We based it on forecasted revenues, spread on several years. That means you're getting the cash now, and we hope we'll get it later ;)


Gift us the video. Get paid.

The video stays in your channel ;)
We'll walk you through all the details on how to transfer ownership and you'll give us payment details. Then we pay you.

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